Private Lessons


A 1 on 1 lesson is a workout with one trainer and the client. During the first workout the trainer will spend 10 minutes assessing the client with a few different drills to see what the strengths and weaknesses are. Then we focus on strengthening their weaknesses and expanding on their strengths. Ex. If they don’t dribble with the left hand they will do tons of left hand drills, if we need to correct shooting form or speed up shot we work on it, if they need help with defense or understanding the game we help the game IQ.  Workouts are individually customized to fit the client and are never exactly alike.

We have a 4 Step Process

4 Steps

1 Introduce the skill. This is what we start with in the workout

2 Work on the skill. Client has to practice on their own to perfect skill

3 Refine the skill. Practice the skill against others to see how it works.

4 Finish product.  Use in the game. Complete confidence

One on One $40 1hr workout
Package Price Includes Discount
4 workouts $145
6 workouts $220



With the Vertimax Machine we are able to improve your vertical jump as well as quick and ease of jumping. We utilize quick twitch muscle training. This is a very intense 30 minute workout. Typical Gains after the 9 workouts range from 3 to 6 inch increase of vertical. We can use this machine for all sports to improve performance. We will test your vertical to know where it is then retest a week after resting from the 9th workout to see the improvement.

Vertimax Jump Training

30 Minute Training $20

Package Price Includes Discount

9 workouts $165



Combo Workouts

Now you can get the best of both styles of training in one hour with our combo workouts.  You can mix a basketball workout with a Dr. Dish Shooting Machine workout or Vertimax Workout. Lots to choose from with our Combo Workouts.

Choose from one.

30 Minute Ball- 30 Minute Shooting Workout $45

30 Minute Ball- 30 Minute Vertimax Workout $45

30 Minute Shoot- 30 Minute Vertimax Workout $45

Package Price Includes Discount





Whether its 2 to 5 kids we can work them out. The workout can be specific to the needs of the group or we can work on a variety of things they struggle with.

Group Workouts
 2 People (Together) 1hr    $35 Each
3 People (Together) 1hr     $30 Each

 4-5 People (Together) 1hr $25 Each
Discount included


Bring a team and we can work on a specific game plan. Whether it’s helping them learn how to deal with a trap or understanding a defensive philosophy we can help your team get better.

Team Workout
6 or more people $10 Each  60 to 90 minute workout

(Some expenses may apply to the Team workouts).




Dr. Dish Shooting Machine  Workouts

With the Dr. Dish Shooting Machine we can work on your shot. This is the most sophisticated basketball machine on the market.

We are the only basketball training facility in El Paso to offer this type of intense and player customizable workout.

Shooters can get from 250 to 1000 shots in a workout.

                               30 Min                60 Min

1 person                $25                   $40

2 people                 $20 each         $30 each

3 to 10 people                                $20 each

Package Price Is For 1 Person  60 Min Only and include Discount

Package of 4 $145

Package of 6 $220


Guard Principles Experience is our new innovative camp. – This camp is a 3 day event and covers a lot of information.  From classroom settings, video and game breakdown, as well as drills and game play.  You increase your Basketball IQ.  this is a must camp if you want to get better.  Grades 3rd to 5th and 6th to 8th and High School Division.


From individual to team tournaments we offer different opportunities to showcase your talent.

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  • Street Cred Sports Training Polices All workouts must be confirmed at least 24 hours in advance either by a text message or phone call. If workout is not confirmed it can be counted as a No Show. Clients must be on time and ready for their workout. Any late arrivals will lose the amount of time they were late. If trainer is late that time will be given in full. A package of 4 workouts must be completed within 4 weeks A package of 6 workouts must be completed within 6 weeks Vertimax packages must be completed in 3 to 4 weeks Any workouts left will be lost No Exceptions What is a No Show? A No Show is when client confirms workout then cancels, or has a set day and time but does not confirm and does not show up. No Shows will be charged the workout for not showing up. A No Show can be made up within 5 days at the trainer’s discretion. 1 week notice is required to avoid paying a No Show fee for a basketball tournament, school function, holiday or vacation. An excused No Show is due to illness, emergency or inclement weather. However 2 excused No Shows will result in loss of spot. **********************************NO REFUNDS*************************************** Please Type your name to acknowledge our policy. You can also request a copy of our policy at the office.