At GPE we teach Instinct Training. In addition to all the developing aspects of basketball, we also explore the mental aspect of the game. We don’t just concentrate on skill development, at GPE we focus a lot more on the Who, What, When, Why, How.

  • WHO– understanding the defensive or offensive player?
  • WHAT– to do in a certain situation?
  • WHEN-is the best time to take advantage of a situation?
  • WHY-we use certain techniques?
  • HOW-to get in the best position to use the technique?

Topics covered for Fundamental Level 3 are:

Dribbling- Learn Basic Fundamental Dribbling (Crossover, Between the Legs, Behind the Back, Around the Back, Spin Move),

Shooting -Form shooting (proper hand placement on ball, proper form, footwork, follow through)

Passing- Basic Learning how to Pass( with both hands, right and left)

Defense- Basic Stance and principles( Learn footwork, shell drill, help and recover)

Footwork- Proper footwork ( Learning how to land properly while dribbling, shooting, passing, and defense)

Some Basketball Video breakdown to understand concepts in a classroom setting

Topics covered for Advanced Level 1 and 2 are:

Video Breakdown of College/NBA games in a classroom setting

  • Ball Handling to Handles(what’s the difference) Learn how to have supreme handles and confidence to deal with any defender
  • Shooting– How to speed up your shot and create space on and off the dribble, off the ball and on the ball shot
  • Passing– developing a high level passing with either hands and learning how to pass using with angles
  • Great Defender(go from being undisciplined to a disciplined individual and team defender, study your opponent, how to play angles)
  • Be a Floor General
  • Difference between a shooter and a scorer
  • Developing a primary/secondary/thirdary/fourthdary/fifthdary move

Game Situation Drills and Game play to reinforce what was learned

  • INSTINCT TRAINING (Learning how to play without thinking)
  • FOOTWORK – the foundation of any high level player
  • Basketball IQ
  • Aggressiveness
  • Leadership
  • Accountability
  • Having a philosophy (offensive/Defensive)
  • Scouting report (Scouting your opponent)


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