Street Cred Sports Inc. was established in 2008. Our vision is to offer high level instruction to the youth basketball players in El Paso, TX and surrounding areas.

The purpose of Street Cred Sports Inc. is to develop the physical, as well as the mental skills of the youth basketball player. The mental aspect of the game is often under emphasized. Some of the best basketball players were not only greatly skilled and athletic, but were exceptional thinkers and could visualize things average players could not. We aim to teach the skills needed to reach the player’s full potential.

Want to reach your full potential?

Learn more about our programs and see how we can help you develop the physical and mental skills needed for basketball.


Keenon Cage

Owner and Head Trainer

High School:
Dallas Lincoln

College Bio:
College Prospect


April Cage

Director of Operations
Graduated from Albuquerque High School 1993
April has a passion for customer service. She has always worked with the public to provide the best customer service experience possible. April also has done years of childcare and loves working with kids. She strives to make sure all of our clients are happy with our services. She often works behind the scenes helping to create fresh new ideas for Street Cred Sports Training. April also works as our social media promoter and handles all aspects of our marketing.

Leonard Owens

Senior Trainer

High School:
Salisbury High School, NC
Leading scorer junior/senior year

Western Nebraska Junior College 98-00
UTEP 2000 to 2002

Semi Pro:
Chihuahua City Dorados 04-06
Camargo Choriceros Champs 07-08
Juarez Gallos Champs 09

Joseph Cromeens


High School:
Faith Christian Academy El Paso TX

Tournament MVP TCAL 3A Championship Team

All State Selection

College Bio:
Southwestern University 2014- 2016

Davion Lockridge


High School:
El Dorado High School

College Bio:

Ranger Junior College 2013- 2015

Ecclesia College 2015- 2016 and 2017 to 2019



(575) 312-9799
900 Hawkins Blvd D-5
El Paso, TX 79915

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  • WAIVER I certify that my son or daughter is in good health and may participate in all basketball activities. I have disclosed any and all preexisting conditions to the staff and can perform any and all activities needed. I will not hold Street Cred Sports, Keenon Cage, any facility associated with Street Cred Sports , or any employees of Street Cred Sports responsible in the event of an accident or injury as a result of his/her participation. I give my permission for my child to be given emergency transportation and treatment at a local hospital. I also give my permission for my child to be photographed or videotaped during classes. I understand that all pictures, video and other media taken with Street Cred Sports are the exclusive property of Keenon Cage, or his designee, and may be used at his discretion. Please Type your name to accept these terms*
  • Street Cred Sports Training Polices All workouts must be confirmed at least 24 hours in advance either by a text message or phone call. If workout is not confirmed it can be counted as a No Show. Clients must be on time and ready for their workout. Any late arrivals will lose the amount of time they were late. If trainer is late that time will be given in full. A package of 4 workouts must be completed within 4 weeks A package of 6 workouts must be completed within 6 weeks Vertimax packages must be completed in 3 to 4 weeks Any workouts left will be lost No Exceptions What is a No Show? A No Show is when client confirms workout then cancels, or has a set day and time but does not confirm and does not show up. No Shows will be charged the workout for not showing up. A No Show can be made up within 5 days at the trainer’s discretion. 1 week notice is required to avoid paying a No Show fee for a basketball tournament, school function, holiday or vacation. An excused No Show is due to illness, emergency or inclement weather. However 2 excused No Shows will result in loss of spot. **********************************NO REFUNDS*************************************** Please Type your name to acknowledge our policy. You can also request a copy of our policy at the office.