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Please take a minute to read the information provided and watch the video. Their are a lot of other things needed but these are the most basic needs in determining if they are a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced

We have 3 Levels and 3 Levels within those levels.

Level 3 is a Beginner Player

There are 3 Types of Beginner

Can dribble some with strong hand, Not able to use weak hand, weak footwork, weak form

Dribbling better, starting to jab, start crossover,between the legs etc, footwork is better, form is better

Can make layups with both hands, stronger on crossover, between the legs move etc., can shoot jumpshots

Level 2 is Intermediate Player

There are 3 Types of Intermediate

Starting to do double moves;crossover/between the legs etc., good defensive stance

Can make reverse layups right/left hand, Footwork is better, Faster on Jumpshot and step back

Starting to apply higher level moves, Shoot off the dribble faster, start to finish at the rim, Ball IQ starting

Level 1 is Advanced Player

There are 3 Types of Advanced

Understand defenses/offenses better, Start to have multiple counter moves against defender, strong ball handling

Can see 2 to 3 moves ahead, Anticipate better on offense/defense

Ability to pick up anything easy, knows how to take over a game offense/defense, high ball IQ

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